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This is so good, I’ve been looking at Viralism for the past couple of days and it’s blown me away, what a superb little app, just been testing it out and its so cool the way I can autopost to my WP site and social media in a few clicks. I’m seriously loving this and will be highly recommending it to anyone that wants to get more traffic Virally. 10 out of 10 stars from me.

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Ohh wow! I could not believe how fast and easy Viralism works to not only find robust trending viral content, but it also posts it to my site and social media accounts super fast too! I can type in anything I want, and BOOM! The plugin kicks back a ton of hot viral videos or stories in just a few seconds! Then I post them to all my social media at once and watch the traffic flood in!
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  • Keyword Based Trending Viral Search
  • Viral Stories, YouTube, Vimeo, Faceboook Video, and Trending Images
  • 1-Click Auto Posting
  • Drip Feed Campaigns
  • Paginated Posts
  • Video Training
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Your Software Work With WordPress?
Yes, VIRALISM.io is a WordPress Plugin and is 100% compatible with any sites running the latest versions of WordPress. If you do not have WordPress, you can easily install it into a sub directory of your website in a few minutes and start benefitting from the power of a viral blog and our powerful WP Plugin.
Is There A Guarantee?
Yes! We have a full money back guarantee that if you are unable to use Viralism.io for any reason, simply shoot us a quick email to our support desk and we will issue you a prompt refund.
What Social Media Accounts Can We Post To?
Viralism.io currently posts direct to your WordPress site along with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. These are the social networks that get the biggest traction from viral content and will be all you need to absolutely dominate.
Can I Use VIRALISM.io With No Tech Experience?
Yes! Viralism.io was designed with the tech illiterate in mind. There is no technical experience required. If you have a basic level of how to send email and use a computer you can also use our WP Plugin.
How Does Viralism.io Work?
We have integrated our WP Plugin to pull from numerous different APIs and websites to serve you the freshest, most up to date keyword based viral content on the web right now. Simply type in anything you are thinking of, and we deliver you whats trending and going viral now!
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